Sensei Andersen has been practicing karate for more than 35 years, and been teaching for the last 10 or 12.

His initial training was in Chito Ryu under Sensei Higashi, and he switched to Ryusei about 4 years ago and started the Agincourt Karate Club.

Sensei Killen has been in karate for 20 years, also previously as a student of Higashi, and he joined the Agincourt club in 2022.

Eirik has been in karate for about 10 years now, again intially at the Higashi dojo, and in the last 4 years he has practiced at the Agincourt dojo.

He teaches the young kids classes, and is very good at it. He has had the rank of 1st Dan(jr) for a couple of years now, and he is now working towards upgrading his status to a regular 1st Dan.